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Huntington Controls-Alberio



Natick, MA

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DEI was awarded the project in the spring of 2012 by Huntington Controls to provide installation of an energy management system for the AH1+AH4 buildings.

This comprised of low voltage control point & power wiring and a network+power loop per Huntington Controls design for all pertinent mechanical+electrical equipment.

AH4 building was a 4 story ground up new construction that contains offices, conference rooms, and a cafe.

AH1 was a 3 story existing building that was remodeled with new equipment for offices, conference rooms, a data center, and a fitness center.

Equipment By Building

  • 3 RTU’s
  • 3 Boilers & associated hot water pumps
  • 4 CRAHU’s
  • 2 Main Switchboard monitoring
  • 2 UPS monitoring
  • 4 PDU monitoring
  • 200+ Cooling Beams
  • 100+ VAV Boxes
  • Miscellaneous exhaust fans, unit heaters, and split systems
  • 3 RTU’s
  • 3 Chillers & associated chilled water pumps
  • 2 Cooling Towers+associated condenser water pumps
  • 4 Heat recovery microturbines
  • Kitchen exhaust+hood systems
  • 700+ cooling beams
  • 200+ VAV Boxes
  • Miscellaneous exhaust fans, unit heaters, split units, and heat pumps